So as my brief blog description suggests I’m an expat living in Saudi Arabia! Originally from the UK I moved here to join my husband almost 3 years ago. Since then we have had a baby boy (Lucas, now 9 months old) and I’m just about to turn 30!

I thought I’d welcome in my 30’s by starting to write about my experiences as a young new mum living in Saudi Arabia. As I had Lucas out here, I know I would have found it helpful to know how other western expats found the whole experience, as it is very different to the UK!

I also wanted to start writing about our family experiences of travel with a young baby, everything from airlines, to airports and hotels as I know how daunting it can be. We have already done our fair share of flights with the little one, none of which were direct so involved transfers, never a fun task at 3 in the morning!!

Being an expat mum out here also means its not really feasible for me to go back to work (I was working as PA to the Ambassador at the British Embassy pre Lucas) so this blog is also a way of doing something creative and worthwhile with my time, other than looking after my gorgeous boy obviously!!!

Hope you enjoy!!!

Sara xoxo


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